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Visiting Teachers Prof. Erol Cengiz and Prof. Hasan Aksoy from Gaziantep University

Thursday 16.06.2016

From 10th until 13th of May 2016 Faculty of Economic Sciences had the pleasure to host Prof. Erol Cengiz and Prof. Hasan Aksoy, scientists and lecturers of the Department of  International Trade and Logistics at Gaziantep University, Turkey

Mr. Hasan Aksoy gave a lecture  on „ Marketing strategy in Turkey.”, which was attended by Polish and international students, and the staff of the Faculty.
Mr. Erol Cengiz participated in Warsaw Logistic Days 2016. He shared his experienced on supply chain management and international logistics.

Also Prof. Erol Cengiz and Prof. Hasan Aksoy, were participated in the meetings with Dean’s Plenipotentiary for Student’s Exchange Dr. Agnieszka Parlińska. This meeting focused on the possibility of expanding cooperation in the available didactic and research programs.

Visit of guests from Gaziantep University at WULS-SGGW was organized and coordinated by Aleskandar Górecka and Agnieszka Parlińska.


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