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European Policies, Finance and Marketing

The Scientific Journal „European Policies, Finance and Marketing” was established in 2009 with a transformation of the journal published continuously since 1992 (ISSN 2081-3430). In the journal are published studies dealing with the role of financial institutions and their instruments in agriculture and rural development. It is a venue for young people to publish their scientific achievements and to take advantage of valuable reviews of the more experienced scientists. The journal also contributes to integration of the community of agrarian economists.

Scientific Council

  1. Bogdan Klepacki (SGGW) – prof. dr hab., Szkoła Główna Gospodarstwa Wiejskiego w Warszawie – Chairman
  2. Mieczysław Adamowicz — prof. dr hab. Dr h.c., Szkoła Główna Gospodarstwa Wiejskiego w Warszawie — Vice-chairman
  3. Marian Podstawka — prof. dr hab., Szkoła Główna Gospodarstwa Wiejskiego w Warszawie
  4. Janusz Żmija — prof. dr hab. dr h.c., Uniwersytet Rolniczy w Krakowie
  5. Andrzej P. Wiatrak – prof. dr hab., Uniwersytet Warszawski
  6. Lubica Bartova — prof., Slovak Agricultural University In Nitra, Słowacja
  7. Julian Briz — prof., Universidad Politecnica de Madrid, Hiszpania
  8. Francesco Sotte — prof., Universita Politecnica delle Marche Ancona, Włochy
  9. Sandra Krtalic-Full Profesor-Academic Unit for Finance, Departament of Economics and Tourism, Juraj Dobrali University of Paula
  10. doc. Ing. Anton Kretter, PhD. – Department of Marketing, Faculty of Economics and Management, Slovak University of Agriculture In Nitra
  11. prof. Ing. Ľudmila Nagyová, PhD. – Department of Marketing, Faculty of Economics and Management, Slovak University of Agriculture In Nitra

Editorial Board

  • Marian Podstawka, prof. dr hab. – Editor-in-chief
  • Aleksandra Wicka, dr inż. – Managing Editor, Thematic Editor (Insurance)
  • Monika Narojek, mgr – Secretary
  1. Janina Sawicka, prof. dr hab.
  2. Agnieszka Biernat-Jarka, dr
  3. Marzena Lemanowicz, dr
  4. Halina Powęska, dr
  5. Eugeniusz Pudełkiewicz, prof. SGGW dr hab. – Thematic Editor (Marketing)
  6. Agnieszka Parlińska, dr inż.- Thematic Editor (Finance)
  7. Agata Kropiwiec – Language Editor (Polish language)
  8. Christian Richter-dr – Language Editor (English language)
  9. Wiesław Szczesny – prof. SGGW dr hab. – Statistical Editor

Information for authors

  1. Manuscripts should be submitted for publication in the journal ZNPE, FiM useing the form.
  2. The journal is published twice a year. After the submission of the manuscript, editors will contact the author and will provide information on the issue of the journal in which the article will be published if it is accepted.
  3. Manuscripts accepted by the thematic editor will be forwarded for review to two independent reviewers with the principles of anonymity (double-blind review). In the case of a manuscript written in „congress language” at least one of the reviewers will be affiliated with a foreign country institution.
  4. Reviews will be in writing and will end with an explicit request for release of an article for publication (review form – download).
  5. In order to prevent cases of „ghostwriting” and „guest authorship” authors are requested to fill in the following statement (statement of the author – download). „Ghostwriting” i „guest authorship” are manifestations of scientific misconduct. All such events detected, will be documented and made public. An author submitting a manuscript for publication bears the main responsibility for providing reliable information.
  6. Authors are responsible for the content of their articles (statement of the author – download).
  7. The fee for an article accepted for print is 850 zl. (the invoice is issued after obtaining two positive reviews), In the case of two negative reviews one will be charged for reviews. The author agrees to pay these fees by accepting the regulations and rules in the manuscript submission process.

download: editorial_general

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