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The voice of 4V Alumni
Nowadays going abroad on Erasmus Exchange Program is very popular – I was in the Netherlands for 1 year. 4V Program is something else – it allows us to see our neighbours closer. Studying and travelling across Czech Republic, Slovakia and Hungary gives opportunity to say something more about this countries. After graduating from 4V I know much about each of Visegrad country and have unforgettable memories. In my business career I use every day Czech language, language which I thought before that is almost the same as Polish. If you want to do something unique and different than others – enrol to 4V Program. Why to study in 1 country when you can study in 3 countries apart from home university!  
Kamil Bonder, Polish alumni of 1st edition of 4V

Students planning studies at foreign universities often forget about Poland’s closest neighbors.  Despite the existing similarities between Poland, Slovakia, Czech Republic and Hungary, every student will have a chance to discover each of mentioned countries in a different, deeper way.
In my case, V4 programme was a great opportunity not only for scientific education development but personal development as well.
I recommend V4 programme to everyone who expect from his university studies something more than just a pure academic knowledge.
Piotr Olkowski, Polish alumni of 1st edition of 4V

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